Why Choose Graham's?

There are hundreds of driving schools in Leeds, big and small. Some of them use very good instructors, others - particularly the larger ones have a significant proportion of trainee instructors. Trainees can turn out to be very good instructors, but they are part qualified and use paying customers as practice. Some of these driving schools are the very ones who advertise and charge the most - and might just fail to mention that your instructor isnt fully qualified! Check the colour of their badge which must be displayed on the windscreen:
webpics1.GIFTrainee instructor              webpics2.gifQualified instructor

Then there are those leeds driving schools who seem to offer really cheap driving lessons. Well, there may be some true bargains to be had, but when you're considering something as important (and potentially dangerous) as driving, do you really want to just pick the cheapest. If they are good, why do they need to offer special deals? We dont offer the cheapest driving lessons in Leeds, but we do offer good value.

Ask yourself why some driving schools want you to pay for "blocks"of cheap driving lessons up front. Is it because they dont want you to take your custom elsewhere if you dont like the instructor? We'll never ask for money up front*, because if you ever feel that you'd prefer another instructor, you should be free to go elsewhere without losing any money you've paid.

Quite simply, we'll teach you to drive. You'll want to pass your test as quickly as you can, and we'll get you there, but there's more to it than that. It's a fact that people in cars can have accidents. We'll make you that you're completely safe on the road. The Driving Standards Authority advocates "Safe Driving for Life".

We'll do everything to ensure that you enjoy your driving lessons. We don't shout. We'll look after you. 

For information about your test and the legal requirements, visit the DSA website. Click the link on the left or below.

*deposits are required for intensive course bookings